Very few of these clocks were sold in America, but in Europe the model may have been the principal "large" clock offering by Bürk in competition with the very similar offering by J. Schlenker Grusen. (see I.D. 210).  A good representation of the Bürk trademark can be seen on the lower plate in the oblique close-up photo: "WUS" with "Bürk" (in script).  (The "WUS" monogram is often within a chapter ring).  This clock, No. 5864, was received by Newman Clock Company after WWI, as a sample, and remains in perfectly unused condition.  A few were imported and sold at that time.  The large, heavy movement with the distinctive shape and the prominent hour hand have never been seen in any other watchclock.

 Trademark seen on lower plate, at right

J. Bürk movement and sixteen marking tumblers