Newman Grille, face

Newman Grille, dial side

This model was introduced in 1912 following ten years of success with the "Newman 1902".  Of several significant changes in this model, the most noticeable is the grille across the face crystal, which was not only visibly unique but offered a new level of protection.  The metal Grille was attached to the leather pouch and, since not many pouches survived in decent condition, we can illustrate the Grille only by including here a picture of a clock from the early 1920's. Many clocks of this model have the word "Grille" and a trade mark symbol of a grille on the outside of the case.  

In only a few years after introduction of this model, the World War brought problems of availability, blockades, and eventually the need to manufacture the clock in the United States and Switzerland.  We have fewer than a half dozen "Grille" clocks that were assuredly fabricated by the Bürk firm, and several that seem to have been made in Switzerland.  Manufacturing changes leave considerable uncertainty about the history of any given clock.  The company was desperate for production and even petitioned the British authorities to pass a lot of 500 Bürk clocks through the blockade.  There was much scavenging of available assemblies.  At one point the British authorities held a shipment of clocks to Newman's British Agent, Buck & Hickman, because all the cases were marked "Made in Germany."  But all were proven to be refurbished pre-war cases.

Newman Grille with Pouch