Face side, with parts missing from the  hands gear train

Dial side with large dial-retaining nut

During the early years of the Newman Clock Company and through the World War period, there was a series of small clocks:  "Watch Watch," "Midget," "R.R. Special," and this one, a version of the latter named to recognize the largest customer, the Pennsylvania Railroad.  These small, rugged instruments were carried by trackwalkers from town to town on rounds on which they were searching for troubles with tracks and switches.

The design would have been first produced by the Bürk firm in Schwenningen as a 6-station Newman Grille.  Here we see the result of the World War which led to production in Switzerland of this style clock and at least some regular Grille clocks.  This particular clock seems to have been among the first produced after the War.  It was fitted with a "P.R.R. Special" face dial and took the place of the "Midget," the equivalent clock produced in this country during the War.