J. Schlenker-Grusen movement

This is typical of a style of small, single-station watchclock that seems to have been widely used in Europe but was rarely used in America.  The type was manufactured in Switzerland, France, and by several firms in Germany.  The design occasionally includes a sight glass for viewing a pointer over the recording dial in order to read the time.  Sometimes the unit included a lever arrangement for depressing the pin prick plunger from outside the door on which the clock was mounted. Undoubtedly because of Mr. Abraham Newman's early involvement with large single station clocks that he manufactured in this country (see I.D. 712 and 711), the Newman Clock Company had little interest in the small import types.  However, in a program to assess what was being offered in Europe after World War One, the company imported several lots of this sort of small clock.  Several of these, including this one, were never sold and are in the Detex Watchclock Collection, unused.

J. Schlenker-Grusen Stationary Watch Clock