Four Representative Systems

These  recorders are monotonously similar. The design and functioning first achieved by American Watchman's Time Detector Company was fine and so was repeated widely. There is the strong possibility that some of the companies purchased the electrical assembly from American. One point of similarity is that the Seth Thomas #10 movement was used in all known examples of this type of equipment (as well as in I.D. 496 and the Eco line). 

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American : I.D. 301

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Cleveland Magneto : I.D. 518

All identified names in the business probably first marketed equipment for battery powered installations, but eventually all who are known to have continued ended up marketing magneto powered systems.  As far as is known, there is really no difference in construction between equipment for battery operation and for magneto operation, although the electro-magnetic coils may have had different coil values.

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Standard : I.D. 497

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